Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be fit to start?

No, you do not have to have any prior fitness experience at all. Most of our Beginner classes can be taught from absolute beginners. We will train you how to condition, build strength and flexibility. All levels welcome.


All of our daytime classes up until 5:30pm are bring your own baby. We have many mums who come to classes throughout the day and we usually have one or two young kiddies around while mum does her workout. AS long as the kiddies keep off the equipment and can keep themselves fairly entertained we welcome them into our day classes.

What to bring?

Make sure that you bring a water bottle with you, socks and even some knee pads. We also sell hand and body grip in both our studios as well. Recommended for pole fitness.

What are the benefits from doing aerial fitness?

Aerial fitness is a full body workout. You will build upper body and core strength as well as flexibility. Aerial fitness is an amazing way to learn how to do beautiful shapes and moves all the while toning your body and learning to train with your own body weight.

What is Exotic Dancing?

Exotic dancing or Exotic flow is the art of erotic entertainment. Unleash your inner goddess and show your sensual side. Men and women welcome.

What do I wear?

Each class has recommendations for different clothing.

Pole Fitness – We recommend you wear yoga shorts or any stretchy short that can show mid to upper thighs to grip the pole as well as a normal workout shirt.

Slings/Hoops – We recommend wearing ¾ to full length tights for these apparatus’s as the fabric and tape can be harsh against the skin when doing transitions. And just a normal workout shirt.

Stretching/bootcamps – Come with tights and a shirt.

Twerk fit – Booty shorts or lose shorts are recommended with a workout shirt. We sell twerk fit booty shorts in our studios as well.


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