As a nutritionist Sonja always understood the importance of exercise, but it always felt like a chore and wasn’t something she particularly enjoyed. Then she discovered pole fitness… and a complete transformation of her body and mind! From the very first class she was hooked and hasn't looked back. Strong and toned in body, resilient in mind, managing daily stress and anxiety has become so much easier having found a form of exercise that she loves to engage in. 

Through her pole fitness journey, she's found that the aerial community in NZ is the most welcoming, accepting and non-judgmental group of people - any class you attend you'll always find people that encourage you, support you and help you grow. Not only has she gained a sense of self and a heck load of confidence, she's made friends to last a lifetime. 

When you've found what you love this much, you want others to experience that too.

Welcome to Rise and Shine!

Rise and Shine offers a wide range of aerial and supplementary classes - pole fitness and flow, aerial hoops, yoga and stretch and flex to name a few. It's a welcoming and supportive environment and the most important part - we're here to have fun! We don't like taking ourselves to seriously! 

It's the perfect place to get fit and strong, have a ton of fun, make new friends and find that self-love!


pole dancing, aerial fitness, morrinsville, aerial hoops, meet the team


I'm a wife, mum, nutritionist and aerial enthusiast. Pole dancing is my happy place! It's where I go to de-stress and have fun. And as an added benefit, I get super strong! Since starting my pole fitness journey, I'm happier, stronger, more toned, and lead a well-balanced life. The physical challenge of pole gets me out of my head – where I tend to spend far too much time – and into my body, which has been hugely beneficial in managing stress and anxiety. 

It's been a dream of mine to create a space that encourages self-confidence, strength and friendships while also getting fit and enjoying yourself. Rise and Shine is the perfect place for that, and I couldn't be more proud of the environment we've created. I can't wait for you to experience the fun, confidence and fitness for yourself!

pole dancing, aerial fitness, morrinsville, aerial hoops, meet the team


“Three years ago I went along to my first pole class – not really thinking it was for me. I was so weak and inflexible so it was a huge shock to my system, but I had such a great time and by my third class I was hooked! I'm now stronger than I've ever been before and there's no way you could stop me doing the splits at any photo opportunity!”

After a year of pole dancing, Dani decided to give aerial silks and lyra a try and as it turns out, she loves anything aerial related! In 2018 she decided to become an instructor, and we were super excited to welcome her to the team at Rise and Shine!

pole dancing, aerial fitness, morrinsville, aerial hoops, meet the team


"I signed up to hoops for a bit of fun. After the first class I was immediately hooked and to this day I’m still loving it just as much. I started with zero experience and was not a naturally strong person before this but the strength, fitness and confidence I've gained has been life-changing!

As is common, a little later I decided to have a go at pole as well and while hoops will always be my first love, I love learning all the tricks and acrobatic feats on the pole!

In  2018 I competed in the doubles section of the Miss Lyra NZ competition which was an incredible experience.

I love teaching and passing my love of hoops on to others." 😊

pole dancing, aerial fitness, morrinsville, aerial hoops, meet the team


Shay started aerial hoops in 2017 and to say that she loves it would be a huge understatement.

"By doing hoops I’m so much stronger, fitter, have more confidence and there’s nothing quite like seeing yourself improve or being able to accomplish a particularly tricky move! Competing is a crazy and incredible experience and in 2018 I competed in the national Miss Lyra NZ competition in the doubles category with my best hoops pal Keryn"

In 2018 Shay decided to give pole a go as well – while hoops might be her first love, she is also finding pole is so much fun and a great way to grow her strength and confidence.

"I absolutely adore teaching what I love, and hopefully get others to fall in love with hoops too!"

pole dancing, aerial fitness, morrinsville, aerial hoops, meet the team


Peach started poling in 2017 after attending a trial class with a friend and has been hooked ever since. In the time since, Peach has won NZAPP (New Zealand Amateur Pole Performer) people’s choice in the intermediate category, was a finalist in the Polestars “showgirl” category and was a finalist in the 2019 Miss Pole Queen competition. 

She has no other dance background but loves to strap on a pair of heels and perform on stage. She is passionate about helping other women find their confidence and loves to teach flow and exotic flow.


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