As a nutritionist Sonja always understood the importance of exercise, but it always felt like a chore and wasn’t something she particularly enjoyed. Then she discovered pole fitness… and a complete transformation of her body and mind! From the very first class she was hooked and hasn't looked back. Strong and toned in body, resilient in mind, managing daily stress and anxiety has become so much easier having found a form of exercise that she loves to engage in. 

Through her pole fitness journey, she's found that the aerial community in NZ is the most welcoming, accepting and non-judgmental group of people - any class you attend you'll always find people that encourage you, support you and help you grow. Not only has she gained a sense of self and a heck load of confidence, she's made friends to last a lifetime. 

When you've found what you love this much, you want others to experience that too.

Welcome to Rise and Shine!

Rise and Shine offers a wide range of aerial and supplementary classes - pole fitness and flow, aerial hoops, yoga and stretch and flex to name a few. It's a welcoming and supportive environment and the most important part - we're here to have fun! We don't like taking ourselves to seriously! 

It's the perfect place to get fit and strong, have a ton of fun, make new friends and find that self-love!


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