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I'm a wife, mum, nutritionist and aerial enthusiast. Upside-down is my happy place! Aerial is what I do to de-stress and have fun. And as an added benefit, I get super strong! Since starting my pole fitness journey almost 3 years ago, I'm happier, stronger, more toned, and lead a well-balanced life. Since then I've tried my hand at hoops and sling... and found I love the both as well! The physical challenge of aerial gets me out of my head – where I tend to spend far too much time – and into my body, which has been hugely beneficial in managing stress and anxiety. 

It's been a dream of mine to create a space that encourages self-confidence, strength and friendships while also getting fit and enjoying yourself. Rise and Shine is the perfect place for that, and I couldn't be more proud of the environment we've created. I can't wait for you to experience the fun, confidence and fitness for yourself!

pole dancing, aerial fitness, morrinsville, aerial hoops, meet the team


After spending years focusing on all things bodybuilding, deep down I knew that I wanted to get back into my dancing and what better way to start back, than by learning pole fitness! That was almost two year ago and I have never looked back. 

For me pole is so much more than fancy tricks! Its an amazing way for people to build confidence and express themselves in such a unique way. As a personal trainer, crazy about all things fitness, I have come to learn that aerial fitness is a very different type of strength and that it is more than achievable for absolutely anyone!

Nika is our Studio Manager in Morrinsville, and teaches pole fitness, flow, bootcamp and stretch & flex at both Morrinsville and Rototuna studios.


I love pole fitness for the confidence and self love it brings to each student and instructor. It’s great to be surrounded by strong, beautiful women that are wanting to start/grow in their pole journeys and I am blessed to be a part of that. I enjoy creating routines and love many types of flow and floor work including exotic! I love encouraging all women to believe in themselves and strive for what they want in life.


I started pole in 2016 and fell in love! Over the years i have trained in slings, straps and hoops. I love being able to share tips and tricks to my students and help them grow in each of their aerial fitness journeys. I have competed in Pole legends doing Doubles with another great aerialist and will be competing again this year! I am passionate about flexibility and enjoy teaching stretch and flex classes.

pole dancing, aerial fitness, morrinsville, aerial hoops, meet the team


I signed up to hoops for a bit of fun. After the first class I was immediately hooked and to this day I’m still loving it just as much. I started with zero experience and was not a naturally strong person before this but the strength, fitness and confidence I've gained has been life-changing!

As is common, a little later I decided to have a go at pole as well and while hoops will always be my first love, I love learning all the tricks and acrobatic feats on the pole!

In  2018 I competed in the doubles section of the Miss Lyra NZ competition which was an incredible experience.

I love teaching and passing my love of hoops on to others.


Walking out of my first yoga session, I felt relaxed, energised and, most of all, empowered. I was addicted. I got that exact same feeling again after my first aerial class. 

7 years on and two kids later, I’m now passing on my love of yoga, fitness, mindfulness and self love. As an adult and a parent, it is easy to loose part of your own identity, but through meditation and body awareness, you find a new ‘You’. I have gotten fitter, stronger, gained confidence in myself, and met some amazing wahine along the way. 

I wish to share this experience with others, teaching them methods for self preservation, being comfortable with who they are and to have fun while working out.


Pole has improved my strength, flexibility and confidence, all while having fun and bonding with amazing people. Pole has taught me new ways to move, there is nothing better than dancing when your feet aren’t even on the floor! Pole is an amazing art form that isn’t limited to any one style, you can express yourself to whatever mood and / or music feels right at any given moment.

I love the supportive atmosphere of Rise and Shine, and I am proud to be apart of this fabulous team. I am inspired to help my students grow and flourish in their journeys, to see the improvement they make from week to week is so rewarding and I am honoured to be apart of their journeys.


I was introduced to pole fitness when Rise and Shine first opened in Morrinsville at the start of 2019. I was in awe of Sonja and the other instructors as I could barely hold myself off the ground for more than half a spin! It didn’t take long to notice my strength improving, and I quickly became addicted to the feeling I got when a new move was achieved. I enjoy training sling as well and am constantly learning new things in both disciplines.  Alongside my day job as an intermediate school teacher, I am a local martial arts instructor. I have a passion for watching all of my students, across all three areas, improve and grow in confidence.


I have been pole dancing for around 8 years & I am forever thankful for finding pole, it has made me a much happier, stronger person both physically and mentally, and has done wonders for my self confidence.
A couple of my fave pole tricks include AYESHAS & the classic jade split and while I love & try to practice all sorts of styles of pole a couple of my fave interests are generally pretty pole flow & especially exotic style pole ... I love feeling like sexy bad ass in my 8 inch heels! And I would love to spread that amazing feeling onto others whether you wanna feel sexy, elegant, or just want some awesome new moves - There's something for everyone in pole.


I started hoops classes at the beginning of 2019. I am a busy mum and I was just looking for something fun to do for myself as a time out from my kids. I was terrified of getting my feet off the ground but within a few lessons I was addicted. It is such a rush when you master a new move and I love the atmosphere and the friends I’ve made in classes.


The secret of getting ahead is getting started! My passion for all things health and fitness started some years back and it is now an integral part of what I do and who I am.  I recognize the benefits of exercise and how empowering it can be as it was a huge part of my recovery when my mental health hit rock bottom.  I am passionate about helping people to build capability and confidence and extend themselves beyond more than they ever thought they could.

My qualifications include Cross fit Level 1 and I am also a qualified Personal Trainer.I can’t wait to meet you and support you on your journey of becoming the most amazing version of YOU!


"I have been coaching gymnastics in Hamilton for 4 years. After a back injury as a teenager I began learning and training in contortion. I have been bending for 7 years now.I focus on active flexibility, which is strength in your end range of flexibility. For example, lifting the leg and keeping it high without any external support (other than from your own leg muscles).My instructing is suitable for beginners to advanced. I alter stretches and activities to suit the needs of the student, as no one body is the same. I challenge my students and it takes hard work but you can do it with my guidance."

Strength training and flexibility training should go hand in hand. It is a common misconception that there must always be a trade-off between flexibility and strength. Obviously, if you neglect flexibility training altogether in order to train for strength then you are certainly sacrificing flexibility (and vice versa). However, performing exercises for both strength and flexibility need not sacrifice either one. As a matter of fact, flexibility training and strength training can actually enhance one another.

With appropriate training, flexibility can, and should, be developed at all ages. This does not imply, however, that flexibility can be developed at the same rate by everyone. In general, the older you are, the longer it will take to develop the desired level of flexibility. Hopefully, you'll be more patient if you're older.


I joined a friend at a trial pole class in March 2019 at Rise and Shine Morrinsville and I was instantly hooked! After over a year of poling, I still love the challenge of getting new tricks and trying new combos. I’ve also made some amazing friends who push me to do my best, celebrating together all the little wins in class and commiserating together on the days when we CANNOT GRIP!!

As a Canadian who grew up figure skating, I had been missing performance sport since immigrating to NZ. Pole dancing is the next best thing and probably as close as you can get to figure skating in the Waikato. It’s the perfect combination of spinning, strength, and bruises!

Becoming an instructor at Rise and Shine Rototuna has been the perfect next step in my pole journey. I get to spend extra hours with amazing new aerialists every week, watching them get stronger and more confident. I’m constantly amazed by the new combos and shapes my students come up with and I can’t wait to show up each week to watch them all try something new.


My aerial journey starting in February 2020, and I immediately fell in love with all three aerial classes at rise and shine! I really love teaching at rise and shine because not only do I get to meet lots of new people, but I get to help women feel confident and regain a self love that may have been lost along the way of life.


I tried my first pole class in 2015 and have been hooked ever since! I've always been a lover of all things fitness, but when I started pole dancing I started to find this whole new confidence, this also lead me to trying out twerking as another alternative and fun fitness option.

After having my daughter in 2019, pole and twerk have taken on a whole new meaning for me, helping me to rediscover who I am as a woman. I now feel more confident and sexy than ever and love that as an instructor I get to help other amazing women and mothers rediscover and redefine themselves too. You are strong and beautiful creatures and you deserve to have this one thing just for you.


I walked into Rise and Shine and was instantly hooked on the art of pole dancing. Week after week I saw and felt my strength and confidence increase immensely. 17 months in I started teaching my own classes which has made me so much more excited to continue on this journey to help others enjoy the same benefits I've had in the last 2 years.


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