Once our students have been with us for 6 weeks, we send them a survey to make sure we're on track with delivering our vision! Here's a small snippet of responses from our students

How are you enjoying your classes at Rise and Shine Aerial so far?

I absolutely Love them! I’ve definitely found a fun, physical hobby that gives me a great workout, motivation and enthusiasm. I can’t wait to be as good as the tutours, their Amazing!!

Bleeping awesome... I've found a new passion … the empowerment of wahine toa is amazing.

Really enjoying them. The instructors are lovely, the students are all very supportive.

Love them, I learn something new each week and the teacher is amazing

AWESOME!! So much fun, really enjoying the challenge and beginning to feel stronger and actually do things!!

I love it! It’s been such a cool and new experience! I’m so glad I went out of my comfort zone for this!

I’m loving them! I love how each time I come I see some form of progress, even if it is something little.

Love them, very different to the normal exercises I had been a part of. Hard work, but fun.

How would you describe the atmosphere / vibe at the studio?

This question is a key measure of how well we are delivering on the vision of a welcoming, supportive non-judgemental environment.

Fun. Inclusive. Friendly.

Really Energetic, Friendly Vibe. Everyone supports each other which is awesome!!

Vivacious, vibrant, encouraging, whatumanawa (passionate) we are all their for the same purpose.

It’s encouraging and I always leave feeling good! A supportive no-judge zone.

A good positive, friendly vibe, feel safe to take risks and not be judged

Fun and very supportive atmosphere at rise and shine.

All the girls are amazing! We all support each other and have a great time!

Very upbeat, happy vibe. Lovely atmosphere! I love the poles, mirrors and lighting.

It’s great. The instructors are welcoming and encouraging. The class has been a lot of fun.

All the girls at the studio are amazing and are always happy to help in anyway they can. Sonja is such an amazing person and teacher I can wait to get there each week

A beautiful space of positive energy, empowerment and acceptance.

Incredible! It's a place you can just be yourself with no judgement and so much support.

Have you noticed any physical changes since starting training?

We want to make sure that as important as atmosphere and environment is, we are delivering in terms of physical health and fitness.

I feel stronger and flexibility improving. My triceps feel firmer and husband has mentioned my butt looks/feels firmer 🤣

Yes! I’ve noticed my all over fitness has really increased as now I find I don't get tired as quickly also my strength has improved a lot. And from doing stretch and flex class I can now touch my toes!!! That's always been a goal of mine, so I'm really happy about that.

My strength is building, my body is starting to change shape and in particular I've noticed my bicep and shoulder areas filling out.

I'm starting to increase my strength and have noticed I'm becoming more toned.

Feeling stronger and healthier.

I definitely feel stronger and can do the moves on the poles much easier now. I feel like my stomach is a lot flatter and my arms look stronger.

Yep. That’s why I keep coming. I can feel my strength and flexibility really increasing and my posture is better

Have you noticed any changes to your mental / emotional well-being since starting classes?

We want to ensure students are reaping the mental and emotional benefits of regular exercise.

I do feel more confident as well as having more energy and definitely feeling better about my body.

I’m feeling a lot more positive in myself. As a mum of 5 kids, it's hard to find time for myself let alone find something that makes me feel like a woman again. It's been many years since I've had that feeling of looking forward to something

I certainly have noticed, I realise I challenge myself to get it right the first time, I want it done yesterday hehehehe… and no patience is not one of my virtues... I'm a happy person regardless but I love how each person encourages, laughs, high fives especially that look of satisfaction with just one spin 😍

Feel good about myself after class!

Yes so much! I’m normally stuck inside with 2 children all day every day so it is great to have a great time away. I look forward to pole every week and count down the days til I get to go :)

Yes I have. I have manic bipolar which means I have very high moods with very low depression that can Be hard to cope with. Going to rise and shine has given me a purpose to get out and take care of myself better and engage with the awesome people at the studio

Great for my confidence!!

My self confidence in my body has increased, and I can only imagine that this will continue as my body starts changing and I gain more skills (and have the confidence to rock a little pole outfit).

So much happier! I have battled with severe depression and anxiety for years, I have never found anything that makes me feel as good as my classes do

If you had to describe Rise and Shine to a friend… what would you say?

So welcoming, a really encouraging place to be. Everyone is so happy and helpful; I feel more energized from just walking in the door. Sonja makes it really easy to belong.

It is an amazing place where you can get fit and have so much fun and make awesome friends too. No one judges you on your size or skill and it really feels more like a family than a class.

Join me and discover their amazing classes and facilities! Just love the whole 'vibe'

I’m always trying to encourage people to start pole or pole flow! I normally say that the environment is so welcoming and open, there is no stigma and no judgment, you’re allowed to just be you.

Come join, could be one of the best things you could do for yourself. You'll meet lovely, down to earth inspiring people and you'll have fun getting a hot bod.

SO MUCH FUN with a crazy bunch of cool people. I feel like a kid and I love that as an adult we can still get benefit from play.

I literally have told so many people ''you need to sign up to pole!” It’s so fun a swell as getting a full body work out, looking absolutely beautiful and really boosting your confidence. So now a few of my friends do it and I can't wait for us to all look like babes doing an awesome performance!!

“Yes I do look good, and this is why!”

A place that is as much about fitness as it is about confidence and empowerment... 'you do you babe!'

It’s the best hobby I have ever found - so challenging but rewarding.

Literally my new favourite place on earth, so fun and everyone’s super duper nice and they should definitely come down and have a go at it because they’ll most likely fall in love with it.

I can never sing praises enough, I tell everyone it’s an amazing place to come.

That it’s such a great and creative way to exercise that makes you want more. And that our classes are full of fun and laughter and achievements ❤️


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