Welcome to Rise & Shine Aerial Fitness Studio!

It's ​your time to shine!

Here’s a few important things to know.

You’ll soon receive an email with login details to our student app. This is where you will manage your class schedules. This email can sometimes end up in your spam folder, but if you still haven’t received it within 48 hours, send us an email at hello@riseandshineaerial.co.nz and we’ll sort it out for you!  

IMPORTANT! It is your responsibility to manage your class schedules. 

Make sure the right classes are booked for you. 

Any classes you are unable to attend must be cancelled via the Zen Planner before 6 hours prior to class, or you will forfeit that class credit.

Join the Rise & Shine Student's group on Facebook

This is a place to keep up to date with all the studio happenings and ask questions! Search in Facebook for Rise and Shine Aerial - Students Group and request access … make sure you answer the group questions when you request access, using the email you signed up with.


The Student group nor the Facebook Page should be used to message instructors
about not being able to attend classes / cancel / reschedule classes. 
Please use the Zen Planner app to manage your schedule

And other some useful information …

Your gym bag

Here are some handy things to always have in your gym bag!

  • For pole – you need shorts!
  • You will also find a grip aid (like liquid chalk) helpful! You can purchase PoleGrip at the studio
  • Hoops & Sling – long tights are best
  • If you’re doing pole flow, it would be handy to invest in some knee pads!
  • Always keep a pair of socks in your bag

Personal hygiene

We like to keep the studio a pleasant place to hang around in … but we also work hard! Please ensure you use deodorant and do your own sniff test! If you can smell you, we can smell you too!


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